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Life CoachingThe benefits of Decluttering

The below list is not exhaustive, but lists some of the benefits to your physical space once decluttering has taken place around the home:

  • Kitchens & Bathrooms will be free from appliances you no longer need or use – hair tongs, juicers, bread maker etc. They will be free from expired food / cosmetics and hygienic places to live in.
  • Furniture will be used for its intended purpose. I.e. the dining room table can be used for meal times not as a dumping ground for things that need to be put away.
  • Sentimental items, photographs and keepsakes will be organised and displayed in such a way that you can readily view them.
  • Children’s toys and clothes will have homes of their own, and family members will be encouraged to help keep areas clean and tidy.
  • Systems will be implemented to make sorting clothes, washing, drying and ironing as time efficient as possible.
  • You will have systems set in place to be able to recycle easily, everything from newspapers, to glass to tin foil.
  • You will have filing systems in place for household paperwork. You will learn to action post at regular intervals.
  • Clothes & shoes will be clean, ironed, maintained and kept in the appropriate places. I.e. wardrobes and drawers.
  • Your keys and other objects such as mobile phones, gloves, umbrellas etc will all have a home.
  • You will have systems in place to categorise CD’s / DVD’s etc and suitable storage for them.
  • Surfaces around your house, from chairs to tables, to stairs will be free from clutter.
  • You will be able to enter your hallway, and things will seem under control.
  • You will be able to access all areas of your home inside and out.
  • Each item of furniture in your home will serve a purpose.
  • You will be able to move around all rooms with ease.
  • Cleaning of all rooms will be easier and quicker.

Listed below are some health benefits that you may also experience as a result of decluttering your home:

  • You should be able to sleep better in a clean and tidy environment, and spend less time worrying at night.
  • You will feel more energised to start projects and carry them through to their end.
  • You will feel more able to deal with things as and when they happen.
  • You will feel better equipped to deal with life on a day to day basis.
  • You will have more time to pursue hobbies and outside interests.
  • Your general health may improve, less colds and flu each year.
  • You will be equipped to part with sentimental items.

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